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September 7, 2020 – Service Update

Due to the Labor Day holiday residential waste and recycling services provided by Lakeshore Recycling Systems will be delayed by one day during the week of September 7 – 11, 2020
Thank you and have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

April 10, 2020

Update regarding transition to LRS:

  • Please ensure all refuse, recycling, and yard waste is placed at the curb no later than 6:00 AM on your scheduled day of collection.  LRS will be adjusting and fine tuning each daily route over the next several weeks.  Residents may experience earlier or later pickup times than they have been accustomed to in the past.  With the current stay-at-home order many households are generating significantly higher volumes of waste which requires additional trips to disposal facilities and increases the time normally required to complete each collection route.  LRS is working to minimize any disruptions to collection schedules by fortifying collection routes with extra drivers and support.
  • LRS, as have all other waste haulers, has temporarily suspended collection of bulk items and white goods for safety reasons.  Please do not place any bulk items or any loose materials not within an approved container at the curb as these items will not be collected until further notice.  Residents will be provided notice when LRS is able to resume normal collection of these materials.
  • LRS has completed the initial distribution of refuse, recycling, and yard waste carts.  Many residents have requested a change in cart size and LRS is working hard at fulfilling all of these requests as expediently as possible.  LRS has dedicated staff assigned to Campton Township residents should any problems develop during the transition.  Should the need arise, residents are strongly encouraged to contact LRS via email at: CamptonTownship@LRSrecycles.com  Please include your name, address, phone number, and the reason for inquiry.  The LRS Customer Service Team hours are 7AM to 5PM Monday through Friday and Saturday 7AM to 12PM.  Residents may also contact LRS at (844) 633-3577.  Please note the LRS normal call volume has doubled due to inquiries related to COVID-19 and callers most likely will experience longer hold times.

Update regarding Removal of Waste Management carts:

  • Any resident with a Waste Management (or Speedway) cart that was not removed by April 3rd, please send an email with your name and address to the President.  Waste Management carts must remain at the curb until they are collected.
  • Waste Management will not remove wheeled carts branded by other waste haulers such as: Groot, Republic, Veolia, Advanced, etc.  Carts branded by other waste haulers must not be left at the curb at present.  Removal of these carts will be treated as a “bulk item” by LRS.  Once the suspension on collection of bulk items is lifted LRS will be able to dispose of these carts.  Residents will be provided notice when such carts may be set out for collection.
  • LRS is prohibited from servicing wheeled carts branded by any other waste hauler regardless of your service level.  LRS will only service the blue carts they have provided to each residence.

Dear Resident of Campton Township,

Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) began servicing Campton Township homes on Wednesday, April 1st.   Amidst the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, our crews and customer service have been working to ensure every home has new LRS carts. We are receiving a large number of requests to exchange carts for different sizes.  We are working as quickly as possible to exchange the carts and ask for understanding and patience as we are also taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and the community during this pandemic. 

The following information contain important updates and service reminders:


If you’ve requested a cart exchange:

  • Leave the LRS cart(s) to be exchanged at the curb or end of your driveway. This is extremely important.
    • If LRS reschedules a time to come back because the carts are not left curbside as instructed, a $30.00 charge will apply for the return trip.
  • Materials placed in the carts to be exchanged will be transferred into your new carts if you do not have a place to store your waste materials while you wait for the exchange(s) to occur.


Our customer service department is here to help with questions or requests!

  • We recommend sending an email to: CamptonTownship@LRSrecycles.com for non-urgent requests hold times are longer than usual due to the increased call volume.
    • Please include your name, address, phone number and request in the email.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Campton Township Solid Waste District (CTSWDD) is a separate government body.
    • Please do not call Campton Township or your local village as they are not involved in waste disposal and can only refer you to LRS or the CTSWDD.


If you still have Waste Management carts to be removed:

  • Leave EMPTY Waste Management carts at the curb or end of driveway. Waste Management will not remove carts with materials in them.
  • Send an email with your name, address and phone number to the President and the removal request will be sent to Waste Management.


  • LRS is prohibited from servicing non-LRS branded carts.  This does not include personally owned, store bought containers or carts.
  • If you wish to dispose of the non-branded LRS cart or container, LRS will dispose of each container as one bulk item once the temporary suspension of bulk-item collection has ended.
  • Once the temporary suspension of bulk item collection has ended and you wish to place your unwanted non-LRS branded cart out to be disposed of as a bulk item:
    • Place tape on the cart you want disposed of with the words “PLEASE TAKE”.
    • Notify LRS Customer Service you will be placing it out to be taken by our driver.


Please click here to download or print the Campton Township informational brochure: Campton Township Waste Program Brochure.


************* PREVIOUS COMMUNICATION REMINDERS ****************


  • Your new collection day is shown on the sticker located on the trash cart with a map.  You may also click here to see the collection day map: CAMPTON TOWNSHIP SERVICE DAY MAP.
  • On your new collection day, the time of day your trash, recycle, and yard waste are emptied will vary and most likely change to a different time than what you may have been used to in the past.
  • To ensure your waste is collected, please have all materials curbside no later than 6 AM.


Due to COVID-19, LRS will not be collecting bulk items, appliances, and loose materials placed outside of the carts. Notifications will be posted on the LRS webpage (LRSrecycles.com) once these collections resume.


  • Your first invoice will arrive mid-April for the services in April, May and June.


Coronavirus Service Updates
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Website Changes:

We are making changes to the CTSWDD website to reflect the change in service providers from Waste Management to Lakeshore Recycling Systems.  Any service related issues from now until 3/31/2020 should be directed to Waste Mangagement.  Service related issues from 4/01/2020 and forward should be directed to Lakeshore.

Important information regarding your new waste hauling service with Lakeshore Recycling Systems can be found here

 Kane County Recycling Announcements:  

Click here for New Recycling Guidelines Video

Please Click here for a new online resource of Illinois Recycling Guidelines

Kane County Recycles will continue to offer electronics collection events scheduled on the second Saturdays of each month April through November. Please see the County website at www.countyofkane.org/recycling/pages/electronics.aspx for more information and the complete list of event dates.

Questions: Kane County Recycling Coordinator, Jennifer Jarland, 630-208-3841, recycle@countyofkane.org

CTSWDD Announcements:


  • Service Stickers are used for Refuse, Yard Waste and Organics and Bulk Items.
  • Beginning April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2025, the Service Sticker rate is $3.00 each.
  • Service Stickers will be made available beginning mid-March and should be used for collection as of Wednesday, April 1, 2020.


  • Jewel – 2073 Prairie Street – St. Charles
  • Jewel – 800 N Main St. – St. Charles
  • Jewel – 375 Randall Rd – South Elgin
  • Meijer – 855 S. Randall Rd – St. Charles
  • Caputos Fresh Market – 622 Randall Rd – South Elgin

To download Public Notice of Campton Township Solid Waste Disposal District Meetings, 2020 Meeting Schedule.

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Campton Township Recycles

New Seasonal Subscription Yard Waste Program


  • Includes one (1) 95-gallon LRS Yard Waste and Organics Cart and weekly service.
  • Additional 95-gallon LRS Yard Waste and Organics Carts are available for $3.00 each per month, prepaid in advance of the season.
  • Three (3) approved bags, bundles or personal containers are included at no charge.
  • Each additional bag, bundle or personal container in excess of three (3) per week will require one (1) Service Sticker.
  • Program cost is $145.00, prepaid each year.

Waste Program Options

The Campton Township Solid Waste Disposal District (CTSWDD) has awarded a new 5-year solid waste hauling contract to Lakeshore Recycling Systems. Offering three new trash service programs, all residents of Campton Township received a wheeled trash cart at no additional charge. The “Unlimited Take-All” program is similar to the current program where no stickers are required for extra bags of trash. The “Limited 64-Gallon” or “Limited 35-Gallon” programs will have limited service that will require the purchase of stickers for bags of trash outside the cart. Have Questions?


Campton Township residents may choose from three different options for residential household collection of refuse. In order to receive any other service offered with this program, you must select from one of the following three service options:


  • Includes 35-gallon refuse cart
  • Includes recycle cart (35, 65, 95-gallon options)
  • Extra refuse container or bag placed outside LRS cart requires one (1) Service Sticker for each item
  • Bulk Item – One (1) Service Sticker required for each item
  • Construction Debris – One (1) Service Sticker for up to one (1) cubic yard or 80 pounds of debris. Additional construction debris is $15.00 per cubic yard. Contact LRS for an estimate and to schedule the collection
  • White Goods/Appliances – Call LRS to schedule; prepayment of $25.00 required per item


  • Includes 65-gallon refuse cart
  • Includes recycle cart (35, 65, 95-gallon options)
  • Extra refuse container or bag placed outside LRS cart requires one (1) Service Sticker for each item
  • Bulk Item – One (1) Service Sticker required for each item
  • Construction Debris – One (1) Service Sticker for up to one (1) cubic yard or 80 pounds. Additional $15 per cubic yard. Call LRS for estimate
  • White Goods/Appliances – Call LRS to schedule; prepayment of $25.00 required per item


  • Includes 95-refuse gallon cart
  • Includes recycle cart (35, 65 or 95-gallon options)
  • No charge for extra bags outside cart
  • Bulk Items – Includes one (1) per week at no charge for each item. Additional bulk items require one (1) Service Sticker each
  • Construction Debris – One (1) Service Sticker for up to one (1) cubic yard or 80 pounds; additional construction debris is $15 per cubic yard. Contact LRS for an estimate and to schedule the collection
  • White Goods/Appliances– Includes one (1) item per week at no charge. Call LRS to schedule. Prepayment of $25 required for each additional item

Collection rates are subject to a 3% annual rate increase every April. Click here for annual rate chart 2020-2025 Collection Base Compensation Rates

Regular Schedule

To determine your regular trash and recycling pick-up day, please view our district map.

Campton Township Svc Day Map 052018

Please see the Campton Township Collection Day Map to identify your collection day. Here are the first LRS collection days:

  • April 1 – First Wednesday
  • April 2 – First Thursday
  • April 3 – First Friday
  • April 6– First Monday
  • April 7 – First Tuesday

Click on the map to enlarge

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